Distinguished executive management career spearheading the development, communication, and implementation of emerging technologies across key industry sectors including Technology, the Internet, Green Technologies, Bio-technology, and Real Estate.

Successfully executed over 74 M&A/Divestiture and Integration deals worth $24 billion resulting in cost saving of $260 million for companies such as Cisco, VMware, eBay, VeriSign, SanDisk, Rambus, Gilead Sciences, Private Equity, and more. Merger, Acquisition/Divestiture, and Integration expert with robust strategic, methodology and tactical operation experience. High profile strategist with multinational and general management qualifications.

Established Go-to-Market, IT and Engineering M&A and Divestiture strategy, plan and execution. Identification, development, and management of product/professional services opportunities within seven industry verticals, including Virtualization, Internet Infrastructure, Security, Semiconductors, Bio-tech, Payment Service, Wireless, Wire line/SS7, Content wireless, Green technology focusing in Water, Polymer and Glass.

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