Agile M&A Training & Certification Program

A smooth M&A transaction with no hiccups and a successful outcome is practically not possible. Successful M&A starts and ends with great leadership.

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Who We Are

We are former M&A practitioners committed to developing practical, innovative trainings and technologies that will disrupt and transform the outdated methods of M&A. We are passionate about delivering the practical skills omitted from business school courses and often too specific for corporate workshops and bootcamps. Our primary focus is to help stakeholders work smarter and faster by improving communication, transparency, and workflow, which will ultimately minimize deal obstacles and maximize deal value.

About Our Courses & Training

Our School of Continuing Education and Certificate Program empower practitioners to improve their systems through training and technology so they can work smarter and faster. We believe in being both innovative and practical, which means our courses will address the real challenges plaguing stakeholders and disrupting deals. M&A should not be managed the way it was 20 years ago - specialized ongoing instruction will result in a more efficient and cost effective M&A approach.

"The enterprise that does not innovate inevitably ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present…the decline will be fast."

Peter Drucker

Benefits of Agile M&A’s Training and Certification

World class training at a fraction of the cost

Industry practitioners pay far too much for overly general and outdated M&A training. At Agile M&A, our courses are highly specific. Our pay-per-course marketplace allows you to buy only what you actually want and need - nothing more.

Continuous learning to solve your most critical challenges

From deal-sourcing to post-merger integration, our courses cover, and increase skills in, all areas of M&A. Consequently, you can select courses based on the challenges you are currently facing, learning from experts who have successfully navigated the same waters.

Alleviate the learning curve for new team members

We offer courses designed specifically to shorten the ramp up time for new M&A practitioners, so they can be effective and efficient team members and avoid costly mistakes.

Gain insight into industry leaders’ best practices and blueprints for success

Rather than learning theories, see what the top practitioners do on a daily basis to work faster, smarter, and close deals; learn their systems and technology; learn what they focus on at various stages of the deal.

The Agile M&A Guarantee

We are committed to being the premier learning platform for M&A practitioners. This means the best instructors and unrivaled courses focused on using today’s best practices.