Discover actionable techniques to close more efficient and successful M&A transactions.”

Founder and CEO of DealRoom

This book looks at how Agile, the project management technique that launched Silicon Valley, can be scaled and implemented to improve the entire lifecycle of M&A while increasing value and closing deals faster.

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It’s time to bring M&A into the 21st century

With growing market pressures, transaction values, and information density, practitioners need to begin approaching M&A in a more innovative, efficient and collaborative way.

You Will Learn

Agile Basics

The complete history of Agile and its advantages over traditional approaches to project management

Best Practice

How large tech firms like Google and Atlassian are already applying Agile techniques to improve M&A outcomes

Practical Tips

How to apply Agile strategies throughout a deal’s entire lifecycle — from the earliest stages of sourcing through the end of integration

Essential Techniques

How to implement established Agile techniques like daily standups, priority backlogs, and retrospectives for stronger deal outcomes

Smooth Transition

How to use change management strategies to help your company transition to an Agile project management style

About the Book

Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals — whether they work at banks, in corporate development groups, or integration teams — often complain that their industry is falling behind in modern process solutions. While M&A is becoming an increasingly accepted first-line growth strategy for companies around the world, and deal volume continues to set jaw-dropping new records quarter to quarter, the M&A industry itself has not adopted new innovations in technology or techniques since the late 1990s.

The Agile M&A Practitioner’s Guide lays forth a new vision for completing M&A initiatives in the information age: the Agile M&A Process Model. Created by industry veteran Kison Patel, the Agile M&A Process Model advocates applying the “Agile” project management style first popularized in silicon valley to the M&A industry.

The Agile approach to project management was originally developed to address workflow inefficiencies in the software development industry. This approach is based around universally applicable operational values such as speed, flexibility, cross-functional transparency, and teamwork — values which are perfectly suited to highly dynamic, informationally complex undertakings like M&A.

As a project management style, Agile has proven to be uniquely suited to the modern globalized business landscape, which is defined by its unpredictability, instantaneous communication, and focus on rapid growth and innovation. The success of the Agile approach has led to its adoption throughout a variety of industries.

about the author

Kison Patel

Kison Patel is the Founder and CEO of DealRoom, a project management solution for complex financial transactions.

With nearly a decade of experience as an M&A advisor, Kison devotes his time realizing and building solutions for more innovative, efficient and people-driven M&A deals. Through technology, education and training, Kison aims to bring better project management to an industry with growing market pressures, transaction values and competition.

Expert Recommendations

Scott Kaeser

Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at GardaWorld

Through his book, Agile M&A, Kison provides a guide for deal professionals to implement scalable techniques that maximize deal value and drive operational growth for years to come.

Dawn White

Manager, M&A Integration - Corporate Development at Corning Incorporated

Agile M&A not only shares the hard truths about the inefficiencies that M&A professionals face everyday, but also provides actionable solutions that can be implemented industry-wide.

Burton M. Goldfield

President and CEO of TriNet

A much-needed wake up call for an old school industry. Agile M&A is a go-to guide for M&A professionals seeking to better themselves, internal processes, and client experiences.

Klint C. Kendrick, PhD

Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable

Part case study, part textbook, Agile M&A is a manifesto for updating how we approach M&A. Using real-life examples, Kison Patel paves the path to faster, smoother integrations that are more likely to meet their financial and strategic objectives.

Drew Wolfe

Associate Director of Corporate Development at Mondelēz International

The practices outlined in this book provide a spot-on and thorough roadmap for improving the M&A process, with a particularly impressive emphasis on developing stronger frameworks for which to tackle complex integrations.

Gireesh Sonnad

CEO of Silverline

This is the book M&A practitioners need to keep up with evolving project management practices and technologies. In the clearest terms, Kison provides the tools and takeaways necessary for more successful M&A transactions in today’s market.

What's Inside

1. Fundamentals

The Case for Agile in M&A
Agile Project Management & Traditional Project
Management: Understanding the Difference
Agile: A History
Agile and Traditional: Quantifying the Difference

2. What is Agile M&A?

Agile M&A: An Outline
Agile M&A Core Principles

3. A Universal Framework for M&A

The “Game Plan” Approach

4. The Agile M&A Process Model

Phase 1: Screening, Diligence & Close

Pre-deal Phase: Scouting and Approach
Integration: The Challenges
The Deal Team
Play #1: Project Kickoff
Play #2: Standup Meeting
Play #3: Priority Backlog
Play #4: Team Retrospective

Phase 2: Post-merger Integration

Play #5: Parallel Planning for Integration
The Post-merger Integration Plan
Day One
Play #6: Integration Kickoff
Play #7: Multi-team Standup
Play #8: Multi-team Priority Backlog
Ending the Integration Process

5. Implementation Strategy for Agile M&A

Bring in the Experts
Align Teams
Align Tools
Lead from the Top

Who is this book for?

This book is for corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals seeking to improve their approaches to deal management for stronger, more successful outcomes.

Tackling industry challenges

Determine the long-standing industry challenges and inefficiencies that must be addressed for stronger deal outcomes.

Proven techniques for more successful transactions

Discover the proven Agile project management techniques that address these long-standing challenges and offer much needed industry innovation.

Swift and deliverable implementation strategies

Learn how to best implement these techniques during your next M&A project for prompt and profitable results.

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