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the idea

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape of growing market pressures, high transaction values, and increasing information density, it is imperative that practitioners approach M&A in a more innovative, efficient, and collaborative way.

Agile provides the M&A industry with a dynamic, up-to-date approach to closing deals faster and maximizing value.

What is Agile M&A

About Agile M&A

Agile M&A is a system of educational materials, tools, training, and certifications for the next generation of dealmakers and M&A leaders.

Built on the principles of Lean and Agile, Agile M&A is designed specifically to provide foundational improvements to the way in which M&A deals are executed. Since the early 1990s, Agile project management practices have proven to be successful across diverse industries, fostering a mindset of collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Agile M&A incorporates lessons from these past successes to create a model tailored to the specific needs of the M&A industry.

the Framework

Learn the principles of Agile M&A and how to successfully implement key practices in M&A transactions.

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Why use Agile M&A
for your M&A process transformation?

Leads to Successful M&A

Helps to prepare deal teams to execute more efficient, collaborative, and successful M&A transactions in today’s competitive landscape.

Eliminates Redundant Work

Agile allows teams to collaborate across functions during both due diligence and integration, therefore, eliminating redundant work.

Makes Teams More Efficient

A clearly defined objective, along with defined roles and prioritized tasks, keeps teams focused on high priority tasks throughout the transaction.


Everything you need to adopt Agile M&A, collected in one place

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The Book

Learn how Agile can be can be scaled to the M&A process, and implemented to increase post-close value creation and close deals faster.

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Training & Certification

Access educational materials, tools, trainings, and certifications to create Agile deal teams and close deals faster with maximum value.

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Free Resources Library

Gain free tools, templates and checklists to improve your M&A process, sponsored by Agile M&A’s partner DealRoom.

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Build m&a PROCESS

Kick-start workshop

Work with an Agile M&A specialist to develop bespoke solutions for your organization's unique pain points and challenges. Then, implement these improvements with a customised implementation plan

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