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Agile M&A Kick-start Workshop

The Agile M&A Kick-start Workshop identifies solutions for an organization’s unique M&A pain points and challenges, and develops an intuitive roadmap for successful implementation and improvement.

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Learn How to Build the Best M&A Process

The Agile M&A Kick-start Program is designed to help firms build a tailored plan to implement the Agile M&A Framework in their M&A process.

Each M&A team is unique in size and structure, facing its own distinct challenges. Identifying these challenges is key to aligning the right techniques to overcome them as your team creates a Game Plan. A Game Plan consists of an operating framework that defines how your team is structured, conducts meetings, share information, and manage dependencies.

This workshop will provide your deal team with a clear roadmap for a more efficient M&A process, producing better outcomes.

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Learn current state

The first phase in the Kick-start program is to map out your current process. This diagram helps to identify key personnel involved and to visualize the flow of information and communication between individuals and teams. Once key personnel is identified, one-on-one problem interviews are conducted to identify role-specific challenges. These interviews are conducted with the goal of identifying the root causes of challenges, assessing the weight of impact, and prioritizing challenges within the role.

a. Map current process

b. Discover challenges and point points (Problem interviews)

Templates: Discovery questions, Prioritize challenges worksheet, process map


Identify solutions

The second phase will bring the team together in a roundtable meeting to review the Agile M&A process map, the company’s current process, and challenges identified during the problem interviews. The team will prioritize challenges in a consolidated list and review potential solutions for each challenge. This brainstorming session can then be used to tailor an implementation roadmap to lead the way in developing your customized Game Plan.

a. Review Agile M&A process map

b. Prioritize challenges and viable solutions

c. Prioritize solutions into an implementation roadmap

Templates: Solution matrix, Solution evaluation, Implementation roadmap


Execute and adjust

The third phase will focus on taking action. Leadership that takes ownership of changes volunteers. Any training or tools required are coordinated. The project kick-off meeting incorporates new changes and is introduced early in the process for the highest level of adoption. Periodic meetings for feedback and adjustments enable continuous improvement.

a. Leadership: own changes

b. Training & Technology

c. Project Kickoff
- team structure
- meeting cadences
- tools and process 
- goals before next meeting

d. Feedback Loop

Templates: Game Plan template

Investing in your M&A team and leadership will improve the diligence and integration process

The Kick-start workshop is designed to focus on your team’s more pressing challenges, and overcome them with practical solutions. These improvements result in greater efficiency, by keeping team members focused on the highest priority tasks while enabling a more collaborative environment.

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