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Kison Patel

Hi, I'm Kison Patel, developer of Agile M&A as well as CEO and Founder of DealRoom, a project management solution for complex financial transactions.

With nearly a decade of experience as an M&A advisor, I devote my time to realizing and building solutions for more innovative, efficient and people-driven M&A. Through developing technology, educational content and industry training, I aim to bring better process management and methods to an industry with growing market pressures, transaction values, and competition.

I was first introduced to Agile in 2012 while working with software developers to create DealRoom. My development team utilized Agile to build the platform in tight, iterative and efficient workflows.

I realized the highly-dynamic and unpredictable development process reflected the environment and project management need of M&A transactions. I published the book, Agile M&A, as a framework for how the methodology can be implemented to improve deal management and outcomes.

our mission

Our core belief is that following Agile principles create for efficient, collaborative and successful M&A transactions.
With growing market pressures, transaction values and information density, Agile M&A seeks to arm practitioners with a more innovative and viable way of approaching complex deal processes while addressing industry-wide challenges.

Agile M&A enables practitioners to manage the highly-unpredictable M&A process while bringing the industry into the 21st century with the right combination of tools, training and project management methodologies.

Five core principles represent the essence of Agile M&A, and are intended to empower practitioners to advance the way they manage transactions and improve outcomes:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Meaningful process over comprehensive documentation
  • Real-time collaboration over batched work
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Transparency over implicit assumptions

A Brief History of Agile M&A

Although companies have been acquiring and merging with each other for over a hundred years, the dedicated industry which currently supports high-level corporate mergers and acquisitions has only existed since the 1950s. Early consultants, corporate development teams and investment bankers relied largely on management methodologies first designed to support predictable processes like manufacturing and construction.

However, these traditional approaches fail to deliver adequate value in the highly dynamic and unpredictable operational conditions that have emerged during the digital age.

Built on the principles of Lean-Agile systems, Kison founded Agile M&A in 2018 to provide foundational improvements to how corporations plan and execute complex projects like M&A deals.

Kison published the book, Agile M&A, in 2019 to outline the methodologies framework and implementation strategies.

Support for Agile M&A

Additional Agile M&A Resources and Tools

Agile M&A: Proven Techniques to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Value

This book looks at how Agile, the project management technique that launched Silicon Valley, can be scaled and implemented to improve the entire lifecycle of M&A while increasing value and closing deals faster


DealRoom is a project management platform and virtual data room for M&A transactions that utilizes Agile principles to reduce work, centralize efforts and track progress. DealRoom also hosts a variety of free resources and educational content.

M&A Science

M&A Science is an educational podcast exploring the intricate world of M&A with industry leaders and practitioners. The podcast often touches on how M&A professionals can better manage their deals utilizing modern tools and methods such as Agile.

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