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Kelly Haggerty

Sydney, Australia

Certified Agile M&A Practicioner

M&A and Corporate Strategy Advisor
general information

Kelly has more than 20 years of experience working on acquisitions and divestitures and holds graduate degrees from Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley.  In addition to leading transactions with valuations of up to $26 billion for clients ranging from small cap and private equity to the Fortune 100, Kelly has authored M&A methodology for top consulting firms and global companies and has developed and taught multiple M&A courses.  Highlights include:

- Corporate M&A leadership in a VP capacity- Kelly has been the one hiring the consultants, so she understands "the other side of the table".
- Program execution in more than 80 countries,  Kelly understands the local red tape and how to successfully navigate the pitfalls that can erode value on international transactions.
- Consistently achieving stakeholder satisfaction scores in excess of 90%, her track record includes comments from CEOs and Wall Street analysts such as “flawlessly executed”, “a business case in how deals should be done”, “the best we’ve seen in years”.

AkzoNobel — Coca-Cola

Led multi-million euro, high-impact, multi-functional and cross-border CFO sponsored transformations on business process and organization optimization. Specializations include process-centric M&A integration, back-office optimization, shared services and digitalization. Focus functions include Finance, IT and HR. Worked with flagship companies like GE, AkzoNobel, Coca Cola and Stryker, as well as several SMEs. I’m a LEAN Six-Sigma Master Blackbelt.

Stryker — GE

Unique approach to managing IT operations as a business to dramatically cut costs and align IT with the vision and goals of the organization.

Nearco Transaction Advisors, LLC — Founder 
Confidential - Silicon Valley Consumer Products & Technology — Acqusition Integration Lead

Advisory engagement regarding go-to-market integration strategy.

Confidential - Silicon Valley Technology Company — Corporate Synergies Advisor to CFO