Agile M&A Exam

The Agile M&A Kick-start Workshop identifies solutions for an organization’s unique M&A pain points and challenges, and develops an intuitive roadmap for successful implementation and improvement.


The following prerequisites are highly recommended for those who intend to take the certification exam:

  • Understand the functions and structure of M&A transactions

  • Know the framework, plays and core principles of Agile M&A

  • Be able to apply and utilize Agile M&A into a deal process

  • Understand key implementation roadmap strategies

  • Know the characteristics of Agile managers and deal teams

  • In-depth knowledge of industry trends in technology, methods, and markets

Exam Details

Key components of the AMAC® exam:

  • Agile M&A Framework and core principles

  • Agile M&A plays

  • How to build and integrate a game plan

  • How to apply Agile techniques to M&A transactions

  • Characteristics of an Agile M&A manager and of a high-performing, Agile deal team

  • The future of transformational M&A

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