Backlog Planning & Prioritization


Program management team reviews project work and prioritizes all action items and deliverables.


Build the initial program plan and ensure work is sequenced in the proper rank order by priority.


Once the necessary tools are configured and all required team members have completed initial training sessions, project tasks are collected, aggregated, and orga- nized for all project teams. Representatives from each team collaborate to ensure the Program Backlog is an aggregate of all work items from all teams, and that appropriate priority is assigned to each item. As work is executed and completed, additional work is expected to originate from a number of different sources such as the buyer, consultants, managers, lawyers, etc.

  • Identify program deliverables
  • Clarify requirements (e.g. contractual obligations)
  • Compile consolidated work item list of activities, tasks, and deliverables
  • Prioritize work items according to most important attributes (e.g. risk, business value, dependencies with other work items, etc.)