Scaling Across Multiple Teams


Multiple teams working together in parallel enhances collaboration and shortens overall timeline.


Maximize overall efficiency of program team members by doing work in parallel.


For large initiatives that require multiple workstreams to be managed simultaneously, the organization will benefit from following an integrated approach where Diligence activities and Integration Planning efforts are car- ried out in parallel. This process enables the project team to share knowledge effectively across workstreams, which shortens the duration of Integration Execution, resulting in shorter overall project duration. By leveraging other plays such as “Multi-team Planning” and “Multi-team Standup,” knowledge is disseminated consistently so communication across teams is managed efficiently.

  • Consult Agile M&A advisor to define workstreams for program initiative
  • Map key processes to each workstream
  • Explore efficiency improvement opportunities through the use of work management tool
  • Assemble a team for each workstream by identifying required expertise & skillset