Tool & Workflow Configuration


Program management team establishes the overall standard for process flow.


Design a custom workflow and toolset that will support the specific needs of the M&A initiative.


Once the team is aligned on the overall goals and objectives and ready to collaborate, tools such as DealRoom ( will be configured and customized to ensure optimal fit to the specific needs of this particular M&A project. Role-based training events are held as needed to augment the initial foundational training to enable adequate level of support for the tools throughout the project. For example, application administrators may require additional knowledge regarding tool management. The project manager may require hands-on coaching to understand how to apply Agile techniques to different team-level events.

  • Identify program requirements and constraints
  • Consult Agile M&A advisor to customize process flow (e.g. value stream process mapping)
  • Establish and configure work management tools (if applicable)
  • Establish team communication model